Zionist christians & their predatory Collectivist union Thugs Misconceptions

The US is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC., Not a democrazy. The word democracy was not in the article of confederations, declaration of independence, constitution, bill of rights or even the pledge of allegiance.

Origional pledge of allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to MY Flag and the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one nation, indivisable with LIBERTY and justice for all.

Didn’t say nothing about god till the christian and Jew Traitors to the REPUBLIC and terrorists to humanity put god (pledging allegiance to Christians and Jews centralized Zionist christian power over all others in washing DC) until 1954. They”ll constantly point to that or in god we trust printed on their fiat currency (which the constitution proscribes as gold & silver only) as justification for their rule over all others. This delusion, the US republic has not been overthrown by traitors to the Constitutional Republic and terrorists to humanity (christian-jews) is perpetrated by them to mask their crimes. These traitor congressional religious bloody fucktards are, as I have proven, guilty of treason, a crime still punisable by death.

The 9/11 lawsuit proving twin towers and building 3 which was never hit by a plane, came down by controlled demolition, an inside job, false flag, by (“Our” Jews eon christian Traitors to our blessed CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC (Not Democrazy libtards) and Terrorists to humanity is CERTAN & a matter of record.

The real lawsuit of course will be when congress is charged for treason. I tried to get them to sue me but they wouldn’t because anyone with normal intelligence who read my book and my 2 articles at WordPress would convict them of their treason, genocide, terrorism, theft, fraud and running a worldwide organized crime theocracy. As with all organized crime gangs the individual members of their christian, Jew & moslame syndicates are guilty of crimes done by their organization, in their name, in Hell, as it is on earth. This I also swear, Promise and testify.

After the 9/11 lawsuit concludes: Charging the 526 members of congress with Treason is inevatable and has already been proven. It’s incalculatable the harm they & their predatory, cult, unions will continue to do to voluntary and productive humanity till they are proven guilty in a court of law, removed from office and sentenced for their crimes against humanity.

PS my belief is, you fail to understand, just how dangerous these gangbangers are. Just in 30 years they have added 26 trillion in debt enslaving ponzi scheme chains to childrens future with no end in sight. They celebrate bombing Iraq for 29 years in a row with depleted uranium shells which will give the Iraq children birth defects for the next 100,000 years. Ya better get on with the treason lawsuit before they start ww4 to cover their crimes NOW. Course for most of you politeness, q ratings, civility, innofensive language and not to hurt anyone’s feeeeelings, sounding like your a college puke marxist is probably the most important thing in the world because you care soooo much about people & children huh? Our Communist and Nazis psychopathic genocidal moochers & looters neeeeeed U and ur FAMILY for their 2000 year riech. Bow down to your Christian and Jew rulers NOW or be jailed for treason to them!

brian f bailey

Or u could get your right not to give them a penny because its god damn IMMORAL. Ur gonna have to choose just like me. I did not want to either but choose u must cause your on track to a new and improved nuclear arsinal and fucktard religious world war 6,526 ad nauseum ad infinitum. This ain’t no fkn game. U & ur family is slaves. Protect yourself, your family and your loved ones. We have been betrayed.

I am Sorry I couldn’ t stop the circus of CNN, msn, fox et all Tripe news services, marxist (Cheerlearders for every bomb and ordinance they ever droped on other countries or on this one, we we catagories all) medias of INSANE military intelligence complex SLAVERY OVER You & Your KIDS.

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