Socially acceptable delusions of the immoral majority




I love, Underground History lesson videos by John Taylor Gatto. 2) I Love (a 3 minute video for ALL kids) You Can Learn Anything by Kahn Academy. I love oh the places youll go video by doctor zuess. I love Lysander Spooner, No Treason The Constitution of No Authority video. I Love, Massive Breakthrough in 9/11 Investigation video and architect and engeneers investigate 9/11. I love from jfk to 9/11 everything is a rich mans trick. I Love Why Does Faith Deserve Respect, Transcend This & Say Goodbye To The First Amendment all by Pat Condel. I Love Pentagons Missing Trillions Follow the Money & 2. Goldman Sachs Vampire Squid by James Corbett. I learned from him that if you looked under the hood of German trucks in ww2 you would find a Ford motor. I love – All Wars Are Bankers Wars video. I Love The War Prayer by Mark Twain video. I Love 1984 & Animal farm by George Orwell who said: if you want to destroy a people? Obliterate their history. I Love, The Richest Man in Babalyon audio book. I Love Dancing Israelis, Mossad Foreknowledge & synagogue of satan video. I love Murry Rothbards Anatomy of the State. I Love Aaron Russo From Freedom to Fascism. I Love Our Enemy the State by Albert Jay Nock. I Love Counter attacking lawyers by Eustice Mullins. I Love Taxes Are Theft by Judge Andrew Napolatano video. I love The Creature From Jekell Island video. I Love A Century of Enslavement Video. I Love Eustice Mullins who taught me courts are masonic temples and the lawyers bar association stand for British Authority Regents. He taught me how not to be afraid of them, to sue them by myself and always be the one who brings the suit. Never the Defendant. I love Pat Condel videos describing MusLame (Muslim) Totalitarian insanity like Jews and Christians. They really are all the same.. cmj’s I call em. History knows them better as communist, nazi and totalitarian genocidalists but thats what they do wherever they are. They steal, lie and cheat to take over governments and pay themselves from godless atheists for GODS DOMINION over every creature. Their crazy, seriously. Thats what they are and thats what you are if you pay their better than you UNIONS and salute their mass man officialism, kakastocracy, ceremony, incantations, pageantry worshiping at the nipple of their neighbors teets through government and their self anointments, mutual congratulation societies in the name of their genocidal, conscriptive, violence fraud and taxing Gods & State who forgives them their sins against the rest of us.. You are Nazis. Communists. Totalitarian SLAVES………. Seriously. They are the only ones that don’t know they are responsible for the horrors they have visited upon this earth and will be held responsible for all the horrors they have perpetrated on the rest of us. This I swear. So Help me God. Every single last one of em will be judged for their thieft and fraud, As it should be huh?

I Love Way to many research, books or music videos to continue. Besides it might detract from My Love of Underground History Lesson by My Hero Of Education & how he Loves ALL kids. John Taylor Gatto.

Books I Love. James Clavell Shogun, Nobel House, Taipan, King Rat. I Love the Dune series by Frank Herbert and I love his sons extending his fathers works. All of them. I Love all of Shakespher,s works. I Love Thus Spoke Zarathustra. I Love all the books by Clive Cussler. I love Kahleal Gabran books. I love Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged & Everything else she wrote. I love Prime Deciet by Robert Gore & Iโ€™m sure i would love his other books I canโ€™t afford now. I Love Thomas Sowell books. I love professor Walter Williams another black cat who said his idea of social justice is he keeps the money he earns and you keep the money you earn, if not, how much of the money he earns should you take and why? MLK said if your on welfare your still a slave but are just too stupid to know it. I’d say corrupt now that my book has been published but whatever. I love Territorial Imperative, I forgot authors name. I Love The Manipulated Man by Ester Vilar. I love my book individual vs the peoples.

I love Danial Elsberg, the Man who informed the world that the Vietnamese attack on US ships was a lie, false flag inside job like 9/11. He said the OSS (the precursor to the CIA (catholic intelligence agency) had a secret meeting with ho chi minh and financed the communist revolution, overthrew the South’s elected president and installed a Catholic

President till the Budists kicked him out. They had a valkry program in every county in which they would cut off peoples heads and other horrible things and blame it on the north or south to get em to hate each other. The US financed both sides of that war that killed 3 million Vietnamese and starved another 1 million for fun and profit while lying to Americans in rightious clouds of their Political, self expelled poisionious gas that the US government is not a composition of Evil CULTS. See Is Satan a catholic video by Pat Condel. I say these things here because every american should know this and say it aloud everyday. The US government is truly evil, criminal, genocidal, treasonious, conscriptive, lying operation who has declared jedeo christian martial law on You & Your Children. (Subjects of their rule, theft, fraud, violence, conscription, inter generational endebtedness, Stupidity, depraved corruption and enslavement.) Since failure is natures most powerful curative I can only hope for the complete downfall of the zionist christian DC British attorney generals ongoing tyrannies and imposition of their marital law imposed by the Zionist christians and jews 9/11 False flag terrorist attacks against their own country and a once free people.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knowledge is free now, Ignorance will always be expensive

My journeys End.

I tried to get people to stop lying, killing & stealing, either as individuals, or, their predatory cults through government. Don’t say you Ain’t been told.

I Failed! Failed again. And then failed again. But, Not one penny of mine will find its way into jew communist, christian Nazi or muslame Totalitarian bloody mouths, bloody words, bloody fingers and their bloody filthy religions while they have dinner parties and claim no fresponsibility whatsoever for their atrocities and bathing themselves in words like love, peace and charity Forgiveness! Check again. Think twice.. That Ain’t true and never has been. Don’t say you ain’t been told by me over and over again. You are responsible for what your money goes to sponsor just like me and just like the real God would say probably. All he told me is he didn’t forgive any sins against his creations and sins against yourself are just mistakes called me a prick and vanished.. That the christian Jew british authority regents, no trial by jury would take your home, money, kids and freedom away, mortgage you and turn your kids into zombies at public schools if you DON’T pay them I would assume he would think is Evil too., In that case your sponsoring a terrorist organization. You can imagine what it means to God and the Devil when your time is up or down as the case may be or your a jew and don’t believe in heaven or hell so you can’t be punished for your crimes through government against the rest of us goy after death. Think again. I would ask all of you to think Very Seriously about that. Failure to mend your christianjewmuslim, Zionist christian and moslim ways through your inventions of government by conscription is the most important eternal question of your life. This i swear. So help me God. This is not a Jew Christian or muslame planet. Communists, Nazis and totalitarians are all Evil and always have been.. You own you!!!!. I own me and we we collectivist are Pavlov’s evil yapping dogs claiming their ownership of you, your house, your kids, Your LIFE for their glory and power everlasting, through their psychopathic genocidal gods or state. Yea right Conrad & Hiel Hitler. Bow down to the holy thieving church collective mob and their State with the Popes stunt of showing up on the border of mexico saying let my people have the communism that Christians want you to pay for them. I love the video Fuck the Pope by Paul Joseph Watson and the video Fuck isreal by the cult of dusty.. They made him change the name but the exact video is still the same. I love the video USS Liberty how isreal attacked an american ship killed hundreds of american sailors knowing it was an american ship and got lyndon johnston to launch a plane with a nuke on it to bomb egypt they claimed attacked the uss liberty till johnston cancelled the nuclear attack on egypt. Not one of them takes any responsibility for their military killing a person or child every 6 minutes of my 69 years of watching the freaks., their intergenerational deficits, their enslavement of generations of once free Americans and their children.. In truth each and every single christian and jew is guility for all the 6 million people killed in my lifetime by them and their government-communist-union cults feeding off the godless atheists & devil scab monkies like me. Communist Jew- christian Nazis agree completely that the state is the perfect weopen against free and voluntary humanity while they sit back and claim its not their fault. Think again. They and their preditory cults are a virus. Disease. Infection on humanity and always have been and always will be. ๐Ÿ™‚ ….. d

PS…I threw a lot of things in disjointedly at the end but I’ve had a lot of work or inquiry as I call it,

eraced, censored, prohibited, deleted, by forces (the people i been talking about) that have and are tirelessly working behind the scenes in their ministry of truth department, captured media & presstitutes. I love George Orwell’s video 1984- 2+2=5 Brian has questions about truth and reality.. Their all psychopaths that have convinced themselves their good people. They just want your time, energy, money, property, decisions and children’s lives for their ideals until your dead and gone and only those freaks remain getting their regular union government check because they are superior to you, communists, Nazis and totalitarian cults dressinu up in words like; for the children, love, freedom, defence, while they blow up the whole world and send you a bill for it. I blamed the jews for all the unions but holy christian republican mitch mcconnel pushed through unionizing the federal, state and local governments. Why communist unions? Because they have rights and privladges, health dental pension AGAINST scabs like me who have and would never accept any claim against another persons life. Communist Unions! Jews & christians are insane and think they own you and do. You are Not Yours! Oh! and the rule of law means their laws and the cia, fbi, nsa, school union officials, officiaism blessed by the holy father commemorating yada yada yada ad nasiumen Enforcing the LAW, means their union retirement benefits dental etc.laws they wrote against you and your family. I love the sheriffs initiatives of some 30 states now declaring sanctuary cities for the second amendments right to protect your life, family, in your home and property with deadly force.. Cops come to your door go with em and sue em like I taught ya! The sheriffs say they will not spend the states money or rescourses on enforcing laws which they believe is unconstitutional. God i love those sheriffs. A cool lawyer told me in a conversation about nullification that their are so many laws now that the average person commits three felonies per day unknowingly. Might explain why 5% which is the highest rate of incarseration in the world belongs to america. 33% are them costing 45,000 per year are there for victimless crimes the victim never getting paid back by the criminal and them comming out like they paid their debt to society. Make the criminal pay back the victum or revoke his citizenship and send him back to wherever the hell he came from. Dont charge me. Like the 90,000 sommalies who get money every month in minasota cause their having a tough time giving up their monthly benifits from the rest of us. Not me.

Speaking of the fbi Sybel Edmonds of boiling frogs, one of james corbetts friends worked for the fbi till they put a gag order on her. See the gladio video. In another video She researched and prooved that all high officials are invedtigated for corruption before they are confirmed to high office. She says they only approve of nominations they have something on them and dont approve of the good guys with clean records, so they, (the secret societies that jfk warned us about taking over the government and got him killed for by the cia. Trump verified it and is in the from jfk to 9/11 everything is a rich mans trick video. I love Sybel Edmonds. What a story. What a terrably brave and corragious human being. She is my Hero for fighting evil. Every american should know and love her as I do.


When i was young i wanted to know what the hell was going on with vietnam. i was skipping school and saw jfk get killed on live tv. I dont know exactly when i got my idea that a guy or a gal should be able to support the thing they love and not pay one penny for what they thought, felt or believed was evil but when i was 19 or 20 it i put it down on paper. When i was 9 10, 11 my father got a call from somebody saying they would kill his family if he ran for govenor in Ohio. Now i know who, why & what cults they represented. Like frank Zappa says the only difference between a cult and a religion is the amount of real estate they own, so you might understand the evil i have sought to expose. My father was an agnostic and they threatened to kill him and my whole family if he ran for governor. Its was tough for me to forget when I was 10 years old that somebodies politicle cult wanted to kill me, my family & 6 million others so I always wondered who would ever do something like that? I have proven here before God, by these videos, that Christians and jews are dripping in the Blood of others. Dear God. Please End their thousands of years, and millions of deaths against any and all of your creations in your name. I pray for the end of their sins against mankind. Oh, and I have No idea how you did it but thanks for letting me finish. It was important to me. Tks again Sir. brian


Free Julian Assange and free yourself while your at it. God wills it. Bailout ๐Ÿ™‚ d

Ty. Gl. brian f bailey TGID

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